Sunday, 18 July 2010

Learning to Crochet - Advice Please......

Just a really quick post this evening to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of the response given to my giveaway - it is amazing and very much appreciated.
Also, I am looking to start crocheting and thought what better time than when I am on holiday to learn. So just a few pointers required please from all of you experienced crocheters out there:
1. What beginners book would you recommend;
2. What first project would you tackle;
3. What equipment do I need.
Now saying beginner, I really am a beginner so to keep me enthusiastic about this I really do need something simple and straightforward to begin with BUT something that I can look at and think - Oh!!! I made that!!!
Thank you in advance for all of your assistance and I promise I will post something much more interesting soon (once I have had my holiday..........I really am flagging now!!)

Kerry xxxx

Monday, 12 July 2010

My first ever giveaway!!

To celebrate gaining over 50 followers in just over a month - WOW!!!!- A BIG THANK YOU to all of you - and to introduce you all to my new little venture - I thought I would hold my first ever giveaway!!I have been desperately trying to come up with ideas that will link to the name and theme of my new business and being as I am not at all crafty (maybe one day I will learn!!!) it has been really hard to put a selection together.
Everything in the giveaway relates in some way to either the name or the theme of my little venture. Sorry I am being just a teeny weeny little secretive but I like to keep people guessing when it comes to a new business (although some of you may already know a little more than others!!!)
To make this fun I will put your name into a hat if:
1. You already follow my blog or you become a new follower; and
2. If you make a comment on this post; and
3. If you post a link of this giveaway within your blog posts or your sidebar - please let me   know you have done this by leaving a comment here; and
4.Now to the fun bit!! - if you leave a comment with a guess at the new name - you never know I may even change it for one of your ideas!!!
So all in all you could have four chances to win all of this:
1. A CK Button Tin.
2. Lots and lots of vintage buttons - handpicked at various antiques fairs by me!!
3. 2 Foley Cups and Saucers - really pretty and dinky - perfect for espresso!!
4. A CK Hankie.
5. CK Tissues.
6. 3 sheets of CK Stickers.
7. A gorgeous piece of vintage rose print fabric.
The Giveaway will be left open until Midnight on Saturday 28th August 2010. I know this may seem such a long wait but I have decided to leave it open until then to allow people on holiday over the summer a chance to enter.

Good Luck and Bye for Now!!!!

Kerry xxxx