Sunday, 18 July 2010

Learning to Crochet - Advice Please......

Just a really quick post this evening to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of the response given to my giveaway - it is amazing and very much appreciated.
Also, I am looking to start crocheting and thought what better time than when I am on holiday to learn. So just a few pointers required please from all of you experienced crocheters out there:
1. What beginners book would you recommend;
2. What first project would you tackle;
3. What equipment do I need.
Now saying beginner, I really am a beginner so to keep me enthusiastic about this I really do need something simple and straightforward to begin with BUT something that I can look at and think - Oh!!! I made that!!!
Thank you in advance for all of your assistance and I promise I will post something much more interesting soon (once I have had my holiday..........I really am flagging now!!)

Kerry xxxx


  1. hi kerry i've just been on two beginners crochet courses, on the first i learnt chain, double and treble, and we could make a small bag(which i never got round to!) but on the second we leart how to make rings and i made two flowers and a granny square, i was really chuffed as i came away thinking "i made that" i can always scan and email you the patterns if that helps, we were given a crochet hook and one ball of yarn and thats all i've been practising with, i found it's trial and error and picking up and putting down.
    attic24's blog is really good
    have a lovely hoilday!!!

  2. Hello Kerry

    I have drafted a post because I have like spent the last month learning to crochet...completely self-taught, 3 days ago I actually crocheted my first granny square. OOh what a sense of achievement. I bought the happy hooker stitch and bitch book off ebay and I remembered I had stashed away another book bought off ebay really old called PATONS First steps in crochet, teach yourself crochet all teh basic stitches, it dates from the late 60's/70's. The hardest thing is learning to hold the hook and wool and getting the tension right. not too loose or too tight...stick with it. The granny square pattern I have got from the lovely lucy at ATTIC24. I've just packed my bag for London AND I can't wait to get crocheting more squares...keep with it, keep practising, I just grabbed the odd 20 mins here and there over the last month, but on Thursday I sat for 3 hours on a beach and mastered it YAY!
    Julie x

  3. Hi kerry , best of luck with the crochering . yes chain stitches first , then double and treble crochet stitches next . I think a bigger hook is easier , when you first learn too and the tension , just comes with practice. Good luck and enjoy your hols ? when do you go now ? I am up to 64 squares now on the pink blanket take care love Helen XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. Hi Kerry! How exciting! I agree with the girls can't beat Attic24's tutorials. She explains things really well, with lots of pictures. Let me know how you get on. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  5. you'll very soon, get the hang of it, its not difficult. one word of caution, make sure you dont use an american book, they have different names for the stitches, what they call a double is what we call a treble, so could get a trifle confusing. good luck and have fun.

  6. I only started to crochet recently and what I found really helpful..more so than a book ..was a Youtube demo.If you look up 'How to start a granny square' by mikeyssmail,you can do it as you are watching the demo and can stop it and watch the bits that you're not sure of again and again.It really helped me anyway!Let me know how you get on.Good luck!

    Bellaboo :0)

  7. Hi Kerry. I have recently taken up crochet and found a book called "First Crochet" by Lesley Stanfield quite useful if you don't have access to the web while your away. Good luck but be warned it is addictive.

  8. I don't know about you Kerry but I am rubbish at learning things from books so find video clips the way to go. I learned from the 'Meet Me At Mikes' blog and found Pip's tutorials there a revelation. I watched them over and over until I 'got' how to do it. Check it out!

  9. I wondered how many of us would say take a look at attic 24. She really does show you very well. A granny square is the best way to start off.

    Good luck xx

  10. Simple crochet by Erika Knight is quite good - english terminology (as other people say the UK and US use different names for stitches). I do really like the "happy hooker" book but that is American.
    For a first project you could make a simple scarf using double crochet stitches?

  11. Some great tips from everyone you must let us know how you get on. I've not yet tackled crochet but thinking it'll be a nice Winter project when sat indoors out of the cold.

    Victoria x

  12. I have come to the conclusion I am unteachable...I thought maybe I would take to it like a fish to water but NO!! so I guess there just have to be the ones that purchase other peoples lovelies...Good luck!

  13. I relearnt to crochet after a break of about 25 years from instructions on "do you mind if I knit" and Attic24 - both in my list of Gorgeous Blogs - I'm now doing the Granny Crochet Stripe Blanket (Attic24), which is a great one to practice tension and stitches, as the pattern is so simple and you can have lots of fun with colours.
    I hope you give it a go - it really is lots of fun!

  14. Welcome to the world of crochet. I'm new to the hook but I'm hooked. I've just completed some easy peasy hats for the little girls in my life. Check out my blog with the link to the pattern. Good luck and have fun !

  15. Hi Kerry
    How are you? You have been very quiet...are you buried under an avalanche of yarn?
    Take care and come back soon
    Deb x

  16. Hello, I am Rita
    I participate willingly too !!!!!
    likare and go to your post on my blog!

  17. Hello kerry
    I quite agree with the other bloggers, Lucy at Attic 24 should be your guide, you-tube videos are also great. Best of all is a friend or neighbour to talk you through the chain and treble stitches.Enjoy yourself!!
    Louise x

  18. Hi. I haven't been here before. Nice place! I know it's been a while since you asked for crochet advice but here it comes and I hope you are doing well.

    My bible has been The encyclopedia of Crochet Techniques by Jan Eaton. It goeas through everything from basic equipment needed, yarn, basic stitches, advanced for later (great GREAT illustrtaions and step by step instructions!) and some start friendly patterns. The book also includes more advanced techniques and patterns of flowers, squares, ripples and other stuff. Like I said, it is a great bible of crochet and I still open it up quite frequently. Only 8 pounds at

    First project? My first project was a ripple baby blanket. If that feels big start with making granny squares and see where it takes you. I suggest wool or acrylic to start with as these yarns are more elastic and easier to work with than cotton. Acrylic is cheap and cheerful. Wool wonderful and exclusive. Good luck on your new adventure. I am so excited for you.