Monday, 27 December 2010

It's all change......

Sorry it has been such a while since my last post BUT it has been all change here and lots of exciting happenings!!!
My website launched mid December - Vintage Simplicity - and that combined with getting a photo shoot organised and Christmas preparations for all of the family left me well and truly flagging.
It is a new beginning for me though as I enter a new world of juggling business with motherhood BUT I am thoroughly enjoying it.
You can see how it all began at the Vintage Simplicity Blog.
Please do follow me on my new blog - updates will be notified via  Twitter and Facebook
Hope you all have a very Happy New Year.
Kerry xxxx

Sunday, 5 December 2010

A little update

Sorry it has been such a while since my last post but things have been really hectic here and I really do not know where the days have gone.
My website for Vintage Simplicity is nearly now complete and my holding page can be viewed at It is looking amazing and I am so so pleased with the design. In fact, I absolutely LOVE it!!!!! xxxx
This is an example of the final design - I hope you all like it as much as I do!!!
Once the website is up and running I will be posting a Vintage Simplicity Blog on my website. This will be a update of all news, photos and press to do with the business.
My Grannies Attic Blog will remain live but will be more about us as a family and my personal vintage treasure finds.
On a more personal note, Molly is coping really well with her Diabetes and is an absolute star. We are getting back to normal now, doing every day things as a family and trying to stay positive.
Have a fabulous week - more updates will follow.......
Kerry xxxx

Saturday, 13 November 2010

A Pretty Vintage Tea Party

And now for all you lovers of pink!!!!
Again, another big thank you to Hen House for many of the lovely details that have added to this table.
Kerry xxxx

An Art Deco Tea Party

Thought I would share these with you all on this Saturday Afternoon.
I have been tinkering about with my collection all day ready for a meeting with the web designers on Tuesday. 
A big thank you to this lovely lady - Hen House - who made all of the beautiful heart place settings!!!
Would appreciate any comments you may have.
Kerry xxxx

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Vintage Simplicity

My new logo has now been completed - so one step nearer to launch!!! Yippee!!!
Hope you all like it.
I am involved in a wedding photo shoot on the 18th November which is all very exciting. It is based on a 1920's flapper theme and I will be providing all of the vintage china and accessories. I will report on this and show photos after the event.
On another note - some exciting news that I have to report is that DotComGiftShop have written an article called Vintage Blogs We Love and My Grannies Attic has been highlighted along with a host of other gorgeous blogs that I follow. It can be seen at DotComGiftShop - Vintage Blogs. It was really uplifting to find out about this and a big thankyou goes to all involved!!!!

Kerry xxxx

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Getting back to normal

We have all had a lovely relaxing weekend which in turn as given me time to start concentrating on Vintage Simplicity once more. I have caught up with all of my emails and have arranged some meetings for next week, sifted through a pile of invoices (although haven't got round to processing them yet!!!) and ordered yet more china (ooops - couldn't resist)!!!

It wasn't until I ventured downstairs however, that I realised things were getting back to normal in our house. Look what's been made for Mummy.....
Yum, yum!!!! Off now for a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Kerry xxxx

(For anyone wondering where our youngest is - he was fast asleep!!!! He got up at 5am this morning due to the clock change - aaaaaargh!!!)

Sunday, 24 October 2010

I'm Back!!!!

Hello everyone xxx
Sorry it has been a while since my last blog but our whole familys' lives have just been turned upside down.
Our daughter Molly - aged 9 was diagnosed with Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes on the 4th October. This means that her pancreas no longer produces insulin so she will be insulin dependent indefinately.
When we were told by our GP it came as such a shock to us as Molly was such a healthy child - gaining a place in our local swimming club just a week before diagnosis!!
We were immediately rushed to hospital where Molly & I spent three days trying to adjust to the new life that lay ahead of us.
Molly, without doubt, is the bravest girl I could ever hope to meet. I love her to pieces and I am so proud of her. She has taken this on board like a true star and although we have moments of frustration she really is going about her daily life just like she did before the news.
My other three children have been equally as brave!!! They have been backwards and forwards to hospital at all times day and night and been looked after by countless numbers of people. I love you all too!!!!
Myself and my husband have taken a little longer to adjust - but we are getting there. I think it was because it came as such a shock that is why it has knocked us for six.
Anyway at times like this, I have to keep myself busy so I have been tidying, sorting and re-organising all of my china in the house. A 4 hourly blood testing regime throughout the day has meant that I could not venture to far away from home/school so gave me time to finally do all of these chores.
I hope you have enjoyed a little peek into my china collection.

Bye for Now
Kerry xxxx

Friday, 17 September 2010

Time for change - maybe not!!!

After spending the whole day trying to get a new web address for my blog I have decided that it cannot be done easily - without losing all of my followers!!!
I have therefore decided to keep my blog as My Grannies Attic to enable you all to follow me on my journey with Vintage Simplicity - I can't lose you all after all can I.
You can follow me as VSChinaHire on Twitter -
And my website for Vintage Simplicity will be up and running very soon.
I am off now for a nice big glass of wine - I think I deserve it.
Have a good weekend.
Kerry xxxx

Can you see me??

Since I changed my name to Vintage Simplicity this morning I do not think any one can see me. Please post a comment if you can.

Kerry xxxx

Time for Change

My Grannies Attic - now known as Vintage Simplicity - hope you all like!!!!!
Kerry xxxx

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Playing around with photography

After a successful meeting with the web designers this morning, I have been playing around today with my new camera - hope you like the results:

Bye for now
Kerry xxxx

Thursday, 9 September 2010

All change........

Well the end of the summer holidays has come and gone and we are now fully back into the swing of the early morning school run's. It has taken me until today to finally get back to some kind of normality - where I can gather my thoughts and plan my next course of action.

Summer was well and truly taken up with holidays, day trips and keeping four little poppets entertained. It was at times very testing - especially on the rainy days but I had the most thoroughly enjoyable time!!!

Times are changing around here though!!! I have decided to add a new blog or two so that I can keep My Grannies Attic purely for telling you all about my families goings on and the vintage twist I bring into our home.

My new blogs will focus on my new business - Vintage Simplicity - Vintage China and Accessories Hire. One will diarise the development of the company and the other will be in the form of a blog shop where I will be selling lovely hampers of china and cake stands.

Please hang on in there whilst these get up and running. My branding and logo design should be with me by the middle of next week so please look out for that.

I am also in the midst of meetings - setting up my new website for Vintage Simplicity. It is all happening so quickly now - I have all of my stock sitting ready and waiting for the 2011 wedding season and lots of wedding fairs planned.

Anyway, onto some finds that I gathered over the summer. These are all for keeps and will be proudly displayed in our home (all of my china finds will be shown in my Vintage Simplicity Blog - watch this space........).
This telephone was picked up at an Antiques Fair for just £5. Just the perfect colour for the kitchen - I love it!!!!
I just couldn't refuse this tin when I saw it. A 1950's recipe tin - which I thought was empty until I opened it.......
It is absolutely amazing!!! So much time must have been spent writing out all of these recipe cards and all the recipes are right up my street - all old fashioned yummy foods!!!
Another one of my much loved London Route Master Signs had to come home with me!!! And as we only live just down the road how could I refuse!!!!
I love the look of this Thermos and had seen one just like it in one of my favourite interiors books. All I need now are the flowers!!!!!
That's it for my summer finds - not many but all so so perfect.

Bye For Now

Kerry xxxx

Monday, 30 August 2010

And the winner is.....................

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you that entered my Give Away and became new followers of mine. The response to this Give Away has been absolutely enormous and I am over the moon......
The house has been full of excitement this morning as everyone of you who entered names were put into a hat (well mixing bowl to be precise!!!!)
It took a lot of cutting out pieces of paper with over 400 entries but we got there in the end (although I did forget to take a photo of the work in progress - ooooops - sorry!!!!
I will not keep you in suspense for any longer......................
The winner is......................
Well done to you Julie xx I hope you will enjoy all of the goodies you will receive xx
On another note I thought you would like to know what I am to call my new business. Well here goes:

Vintage Simplicity
china & accessories for your special day 

I hope you all like it. I know it does not appear to have a link to vintage china, polka dots, button and roses BUT these are the things I truly love albeit in a simple and eclectic setting.
I will be setting a separate blog up soon for this so that I can diarise the beginnings of my new venture.
Have a lovely day.

Love Kerry xxxx

Friday, 27 August 2010

1 more day to go!!!

Just a reminder to you all that my giveaway ends at midnight tomorrow evening.

Thank you so so much to all of you who have entered so far and who have started to follow my blog. I apologise for not getting back to you all individually but having four children to entertain during this wet summer holiday has been a near impossible task!!!

I promise I will get in touch with you all and start following you all too. I have a few days peace next week as the children are with Grandparents so I have made my blog a priority.

The draw for the giveaway will be made on Sunday evening/Monday Morning once I get back from delivering the children!!!!

Have a fab Bank Holiday weekend.

Love Kerry xxxx

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Summer Holidays

Phew!!! What a week. After a most enjoyable and relaxing holiday in Cyprus I have been hidden away this week under a pile of washing and ironing. On top of this, I have been the master of children's entertainment keeping four children entertained in the awful weather we have been experiencing.
Here are a few snaps of the summer so far to keep you all going until I get back to normal with my usual vintage goings on:
We all but lived right here by the pool for 2 whole weeks. In 45 Degree heat we couldn't move much further and why would we want to with wine, entertainment and fantastic children's activities right on our doorstep.
Myself and Matthew enjoying the time we had alone together - a very rare moment indeed!!
I absolutely adore this photo of my four little poppets down at the beach - so natural!! They were totally unaware that I was taking this and I think that is what makes it so beautiful.
Now I wonder who these belong to?
How sweet!!!!
Lots of these - maybe one day!!!
Or this!!!!
A delightful picture of happiness!!!
And at the end of the day - plenty of this!!
Until this - just before our flight back home.

We all had a wonderful time and a whole lot of fun - but until the next time there is jam making to complete!!

Kerry xxxx

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Learning to Crochet - Advice Please......

Just a really quick post this evening to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of the response given to my giveaway - it is amazing and very much appreciated.
Also, I am looking to start crocheting and thought what better time than when I am on holiday to learn. So just a few pointers required please from all of you experienced crocheters out there:
1. What beginners book would you recommend;
2. What first project would you tackle;
3. What equipment do I need.
Now saying beginner, I really am a beginner so to keep me enthusiastic about this I really do need something simple and straightforward to begin with BUT something that I can look at and think - Oh!!! I made that!!!
Thank you in advance for all of your assistance and I promise I will post something much more interesting soon (once I have had my holiday..........I really am flagging now!!)

Kerry xxxx

Monday, 12 July 2010

My first ever giveaway!!

To celebrate gaining over 50 followers in just over a month - WOW!!!!- A BIG THANK YOU to all of you - and to introduce you all to my new little venture - I thought I would hold my first ever giveaway!!I have been desperately trying to come up with ideas that will link to the name and theme of my new business and being as I am not at all crafty (maybe one day I will learn!!!) it has been really hard to put a selection together.
Everything in the giveaway relates in some way to either the name or the theme of my little venture. Sorry I am being just a teeny weeny little secretive but I like to keep people guessing when it comes to a new business (although some of you may already know a little more than others!!!)
To make this fun I will put your name into a hat if:
1. You already follow my blog or you become a new follower; and
2. If you make a comment on this post; and
3. If you post a link of this giveaway within your blog posts or your sidebar - please let me   know you have done this by leaving a comment here; and
4.Now to the fun bit!! - if you leave a comment with a guess at the new name - you never know I may even change it for one of your ideas!!!
So all in all you could have four chances to win all of this:
1. A CK Button Tin.
2. Lots and lots of vintage buttons - handpicked at various antiques fairs by me!!
3. 2 Foley Cups and Saucers - really pretty and dinky - perfect for espresso!!
4. A CK Hankie.
5. CK Tissues.
6. 3 sheets of CK Stickers.
7. A gorgeous piece of vintage rose print fabric.
The Giveaway will be left open until Midnight on Saturday 28th August 2010. I know this may seem such a long wait but I have decided to leave it open until then to allow people on holiday over the summer a chance to enter.

Good Luck and Bye for Now!!!!

Kerry xxxx