Friday, 17 September 2010

Time for change - maybe not!!!

After spending the whole day trying to get a new web address for my blog I have decided that it cannot be done easily - without losing all of my followers!!!
I have therefore decided to keep my blog as My Grannies Attic to enable you all to follow me on my journey with Vintage Simplicity - I can't lose you all after all can I.
You can follow me as VSChinaHire on Twitter -
And my website for Vintage Simplicity will be up and running very soon.
I am off now for a nice big glass of wine - I think I deserve it.
Have a good weekend.
Kerry xxxx


  1. are playing Hide n Seek :-D lol!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your letters...

  2. I think you deserve that big glass!
    Good luck with your website.

  3. sometimes the techy stuff is mindboggling! Cant wait to see the website.
    Enjoy your tipple, got me thinking I may do the same.
    Deb x

  4. Ooh be careful playing around changing your blog names etc., I lost my first blog - it was a year old and I had 150 odd followers just by pressing an OK button (or similar!)
    Good luck with your website though, at least that is going to be called what you want it to be - I'm looking forward to seeing it.

  5. You very brave even attempting sorting a new web address. I've had a blog for 3yrs and still don't know how to sort things ie have spanners in the corner of every gadget and don't know what they are or how to remove. Think I'll join you in that glass of wine lol...
    Have a nice weekend
    Pene x

  6. This is something I could see myself deleting everything in one fast ckick and You did it! I hope your wine was just bliss for you.You deserve it, maybe two glasses.

  7. Ditto to be careful...techy things can go haywire!

  8. Hi,
    It is tricky all this changing stuff!!! Looking forward to your website,

  9. Oh I really like those letters!
    Where could I get some?

    Happy day to you....hope you enjoyed your well deserved wine:)