Thursday, 9 September 2010

All change........

Well the end of the summer holidays has come and gone and we are now fully back into the swing of the early morning school run's. It has taken me until today to finally get back to some kind of normality - where I can gather my thoughts and plan my next course of action.

Summer was well and truly taken up with holidays, day trips and keeping four little poppets entertained. It was at times very testing - especially on the rainy days but I had the most thoroughly enjoyable time!!!

Times are changing around here though!!! I have decided to add a new blog or two so that I can keep My Grannies Attic purely for telling you all about my families goings on and the vintage twist I bring into our home.

My new blogs will focus on my new business - Vintage Simplicity - Vintage China and Accessories Hire. One will diarise the development of the company and the other will be in the form of a blog shop where I will be selling lovely hampers of china and cake stands.

Please hang on in there whilst these get up and running. My branding and logo design should be with me by the middle of next week so please look out for that.

I am also in the midst of meetings - setting up my new website for Vintage Simplicity. It is all happening so quickly now - I have all of my stock sitting ready and waiting for the 2011 wedding season and lots of wedding fairs planned.

Anyway, onto some finds that I gathered over the summer. These are all for keeps and will be proudly displayed in our home (all of my china finds will be shown in my Vintage Simplicity Blog - watch this space........).
This telephone was picked up at an Antiques Fair for just £5. Just the perfect colour for the kitchen - I love it!!!!
I just couldn't refuse this tin when I saw it. A 1950's recipe tin - which I thought was empty until I opened it.......
It is absolutely amazing!!! So much time must have been spent writing out all of these recipe cards and all the recipes are right up my street - all old fashioned yummy foods!!!
Another one of my much loved London Route Master Signs had to come home with me!!! And as we only live just down the road how could I refuse!!!!
I love the look of this Thermos and had seen one just like it in one of my favourite interiors books. All I need now are the flowers!!!!!
That's it for my summer finds - not many but all so so perfect.

Bye For Now

Kerry xxxx


  1. what fabulous finds especially the telephone, what an exciting time you must be having at the moment with your budding blogs and business can't wait to see all your lovely vintageness!!!

  2. Loads of luck with the new venture, I am looking forward to reading the new blog too! Love the phone, I am looking out for a genuine one with a proper dial, Next have them in at the minute, push button though pah!
    Kandi x

  3. Oh I am so in love with that telephone I want to marry it!

  4. Great 'phone, what a bargain.
    Hen x

  5. How are you going to manage with a busy home, all these blogs and new business ventures - you must have boundless energy! Very best of luck, and I look forward to seeing how you get on.

  6. A pink phone how totally yummy, great for a bedroom (or anywhere else for that matter if your a girlie)...
    Pene x

  7. Enjoyed looking through your blog, especially like the 'ice cream' coloured phone- great find :)Linda

  8. So love your phone, what a great find and, as for the recipe cards, how utterly charming. I'd love to know what the recipes are for.

    Good luck with your vintage venture.


  9. Hi Kerry,thanks for dropping by my blog.Loving your recipe box am on the lookout for one for myself..xx

  10. Oh I am soooo jealous!!!!! Love the telephone, what a find!

  11. Good luck with it all. Now, that's what I call a real telephone!

  12. I do hope your new website works really well for you, I'm so struggling to maintain mine and juggle home/work/felting/family - I really admire anyone who's driving their business forward, especially with four little people to look after as well! I love that phone - reminds me of my childhood one although I never knew you could get pink!! xx

  13. I love the phone, what a bargain ! Good luck with all your new ventures, sounds exciting.
    Ann x

  14. I love the Twickenham sign. I used to live there as a child.