Friday, 27 August 2010

1 more day to go!!!

Just a reminder to you all that my giveaway ends at midnight tomorrow evening.

Thank you so so much to all of you who have entered so far and who have started to follow my blog. I apologise for not getting back to you all individually but having four children to entertain during this wet summer holiday has been a near impossible task!!!

I promise I will get in touch with you all and start following you all too. I have a few days peace next week as the children are with Grandparents so I have made my blog a priority.

The draw for the giveaway will be made on Sunday evening/Monday Morning once I get back from delivering the children!!!!

Have a fab Bank Holiday weekend.

Love Kerry xxxx


  1. Lovely to hear from you...TOTALLY understand
    I have been exactly the same and I feel sure half of blog land as well.
    My blog is a little bit of me indulgence lol!You are doing sooo well with your blog!
    Look foward to your posts soon
    Have a great B/H weekend
    Julie x

  2. 4 children to entertain in a wet summer hols - I struggle with just the 2!!

    Seen the forecast - weather gets nice again next week - oddly just as they go back to school :(

  3. Hi Kerry,
    I absolutely understand you. I myself have "only" three kids but I do know how difficult it can be. :) And joyful as well. :)
    I can't wait until Sunday! I'm so excited!

  4. Complimenti, hai quattro bambini bellissimi!
    Buon week end

  5. Enjoy your few day piece and quiet.

  6. Hooray for Grandparents!Have a lovely and well-deserved break and DON`T fill it with domestic trivia!ENJOY x

    p.s. those children are just TOO cute!

  7. Hi Kerry , will be checking to see who the winning is tomorrow , wishing everyone good luck ! Congratulations on surviving the "summer" with the children and living to tell the tale , as i know how it stressful it can be . Speak soon lots of Love Helen ps mine start going from Thursday , woopppieee wish me luck XX

  8. I understand you too!!!
    I can't wait the moment of giveaway!!!
    Thanks to all!!!!



  9. I'm not surprised you don't have time with 4 children to keep amused! Enjoy some time to yourself. Looking forward to seeing who wins tomorrow.It's a fabulous giveaway! :o)

  10. Phew - the school hols are almost over!
    I used to make a list during the year of things to do, craft and cooking ideas to share with the children, places to go,etc. One year we kept a scrapbook of each day, with notes, and bits and bobs stuck in - bus tickets, leaves, photos etc. That was long before 'scrapbooking' as such took off, way back in the 1980s! That kept them occupied quite nicely, but most holidays, I ran out of ideas on my list by the third week! Now my children have children of their own...where did the time go? Even the eternal summer holidays!

  11. Nice to have you back Kerry. Isn't it lovely to start to get back to normal after the summer? Lots of love, Amanda xxx