Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Summer Holidays

Phew!!! What a week. After a most enjoyable and relaxing holiday in Cyprus I have been hidden away this week under a pile of washing and ironing. On top of this, I have been the master of children's entertainment keeping four children entertained in the awful weather we have been experiencing.
Here are a few snaps of the summer so far to keep you all going until I get back to normal with my usual vintage goings on:
We all but lived right here by the pool for 2 whole weeks. In 45 Degree heat we couldn't move much further and why would we want to with wine, entertainment and fantastic children's activities right on our doorstep.
Myself and Matthew enjoying the time we had alone together - a very rare moment indeed!!
I absolutely adore this photo of my four little poppets down at the beach - so natural!! They were totally unaware that I was taking this and I think that is what makes it so beautiful.
Now I wonder who these belong to?
How sweet!!!!
Lots of these - maybe one day!!!
Or this!!!!
A delightful picture of happiness!!!
And at the end of the day - plenty of this!!
Until this - just before our flight back home.

We all had a wonderful time and a whole lot of fun - but until the next time there is jam making to complete!!

Kerry xxxx


  1. Ahh, bliss! Just wonderful photos of you and your little brood! Hmmm, the post-holiday washing and ironing - it's funny how it brings you back down to earth with a bump isn't it?!

    So glad I found your lovely blog!


    PS. Am a little bit in love with Gabby - she's just heart-stoppingly gorgeous! x

  2. Welcome back to the rain! You all look so happy and relaxed, and I know what a trauma it can be taking four kids on holiday! I have learned to keep some holiday funds back to take all of our clothes to the laundrette when we get back from holidays it's such a blessing!
    Kandi x

  3. Lovely, lovely pictures! Beautiful children! xx

  4. Ohhh Welcome Back Kerry...I missed you!
    In London now until Thursday.
    Your holiday looks wonderful...your children are adorable :-D.
    Julie x

  5. Lovely photos, I accidently took one a couple of years back of my hubby and the kids sitting on the beach looking out to sea. We now take that photo every year to see how they have grown over the years :-)

  6. Lovely pictures, and sounds like a Fab holiday. Your children are adorable.
    Jo xx

  7. How we say, here in Spain... "your children have good face"... What a smile with teeth!

  8. Hi Kerry, I'm Annagiulia. You are a very wonderful family!

  9. What charming pictures of your gorgeous children!
    I stayed in Cyprus for 3 months...many moons ago.It's probably changed a bit since then!

    Bellaboo :o)

  10. Hi, we just got back from ours and I am working my way through a similar pile of washing! And can anyone tell me how the house gets so dusty when no-one is actually in it?

  11. What a great holiday for you and your family! I loved seeing all of the happy faces!

  12. What a great time I'm jealous...Hope your week is going well!!

  13. What a fab holiday, glad you had fun. Yup the ironing reality is a nightmare try to find Widow Twanky she always like to do washing! Te he.

    Catch me at my blog for my bloggiversary giveaway.


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