Saturday, 13 November 2010

An Art Deco Tea Party

Thought I would share these with you all on this Saturday Afternoon.
I have been tinkering about with my collection all day ready for a meeting with the web designers on Tuesday. 
A big thank you to this lovely lady - Hen House - who made all of the beautiful heart place settings!!!
Would appreciate any comments you may have.
Kerry xxxx


  1. I have been waiting for one of your lovely posts and you did not disapoint what incredible settings!

  2. Wow Kerry!!!
    Beautiful and am salivating at the first photo, really gorgeous.
    Good luck on Tuesday.

  3. Gorgeous treasures there! Is this for a photo shoot as if it is the only thing I would suggest is maybe a plain table cloth to show off your gorgeous china to its full without any interference in the image from the linen. If however you are also selling linen keep it in the photo. x

  4. A really great collection of treasures there. And the styling of the table is fab!