Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Hi Everyone xx
It was a very early start for me yesterday as it was my fortnightly trip to Kempton Antiques Fair. I was up at 4.30am which wasn't to bad as it was so warm anyway, the birds were singing and it was too beautiful to be in bed.
I got to Kempton at 5.30am which was far to early as the traders cannot start trading until 6.30am. I knew I had to be there early though as I had some really special items to find.
I had a wander around all of the vans, which were all shut up so decided to go and get some breakfast. On the way I had a little sneeky peek inside one of the vans which to my amazement was crammed full of just what I was looking for.
I must have looked really strange hanging around the van for just under an hour but I knew that come 6.30 this one van would have a lot of people interested in it.
Because it was such a gorgeous morning a big queue was forming outside of the entrance (I must have been mistaken for a trader to have got in so early - whoops!!!!).
Once 6.30 came it was like something from the Harrods January Sale. Hundreds of people ran in from the entrance gate and made a bee line to exactly the same van I was interested in.
I knew I had to act quick - as soon as the van was unloaded I had to make a decision. And there they were............... a pair of chairs from France - just what I had been looking for!!
They are just so gorgeous and so much so that I would love to keep them. BUT, I am now setting up a business so my business head must take over. I am going to get them re-upholstered in some gorgeous fabric and sell them on my new website (once it gets up and running!!!). Their future will I am sure be fantastic!!!
After my amazing find, I had to calm down and get down to business and find yet more china. It can be difficult sourcing the right kind of china and teapots in particular can be really hard to find. I was in luck though and came across all of this - and all before 7am!!
The first photo is of a complete 1930's tea set - so pretty!!!
The second photo shows two teapots - of completely different designs but will look fab with all of my other mismatched china.
After these early finds, the heavens opened. I was outside and a good 10 minute walk back to the indoor stalls. I got absolutely soaked and when teamed with a white dress and sandals, I really was not a pretty sight!!! On my rush back through all of the puddles I came across this little chap. He was as wet as I was and it was this that made my heart melt!!
Isn't he adorable!!! He may be a little dirty and a little worn but I really like this about him - so much love over the years really does make him unique.
After a coffee and a little dry under the hand dryer in the ladies I felt a little better and so decided to continue my search for just one last item that I really wanted to find. Along the way I picked up these little treasures:
50p each - how could I refuse!!
I just love old Ladybird Books and the ones from the 50's and 60's are a passion of mine but one that I really must share!!
I was at the point of giving up and it still was only 8am. Matthew had taken the day off though so he could come and meet me after the school run so I knew that I had an hour to kill. Another coffee and possibly a cake was an option for me but with holidays just round the corner I had to think of my bikini!!
That obsession with my bikini was a blessing in disguise as I came across just what I had been looking for for months:
I just love this old factory bobbin holder and it is just perfect for what I have in store for it.
Well that was it, Matthew arrived and we had a leisurely stroll around the fair again without the mad dash that I had been doing all morning. I must admit though I did finally have that coffee and cake - oh well, there is always tomorrow!!!

Whilst posting, I would really like to say a big thank you to Hen of HenHouse for these beautiful postcards. It was lovely to get them in the post yesterday on my return from Kempton. I've just got to decide where to hang them now!!

Bye for Now

Kerry xxxx


  1. Ah, so that is where "my" London postcard went - lucky you ;-)

    Maybe I'll be quicker next time - well done you x

  2. What a wonderful haul I love the tea set and the teapots!
    Those postcards are a lovely idea too.
    Kandi x

  3. Ah so much gorgeousness all in one post! Will you show us the chairs when they're done? Finally made up your little parcel ready to post tomorrow! keep an eye out for Mr Potie! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  4. Lucky thing - those chairs are fabulous! Will you upholster them? I shall follow the progress of the gorgeous French pair. Love the other treasures too - especially the bobbin holder, it would come in very useful in my workshop!

  5. Wow, fab chairs and your other goodies are lovely too. I can't wait to see the finnished chairs thay are beautiful.
    Well done with getting up so early.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  6. Those chairs will look amazing! Worth getting up so early for!
    Ali x

  7. hiya-
    glad that you had such good finds at Kempton, we sold there every fortnight for very many years(far too many to contemplate)and on the early summer mornings it was a joy to be out so early- did you see the flock of Parakeets fly across?
    You got some really scrummy things, looking forward to seeing the website!

  8. Well done to you!!!! Fabulous finds and such patience!!! You deserved to have them. Bet you had a wonderful time and went home feeling very content!!Good luck with your new venture, I am sure you will do very well!! Karenxxx

  9. Gosh, what amazing finds, how lucky. I hope your business and website go well.

  10. Hi Kerry
    Fantastic finds, I love those chairs! The bobbin holder is a rare find.
    Have a good week
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  11. Hello Kerry darling, I just came over from Vicki's blog and I'm so glad I did! Your blog is full of interesting posts and lovely photos. I'm delighted now I have a lovely world to visit often. I'm going to make a pot of tea, sit down and read your archives.

    Love & Hugs

  12. You found some lovely things - just as well after putting in all that effort! I have sincere admiration for anyone who can make a 4.30am start.

  13. What a lovely big juicy worm that was to catch !!
    I would have made a beeline for those chairs too and as for your four legged friend.. I never can resist the vintage doggies! He looks like my 'Archie's' cousin.. a Triang or Pedigree terrier.

    Michele x

  14. By the look of all your wonderful finds I think you will do very nicely in your new venture, looking forward to seeing your website when it's all up and running, Good Luck...x