Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Such a lucky girl and such a wonderful husband

As a thank you for me being such a wonderful Mummy and Wife (his words not mine!!!!) my gorgeous husband has just sent me an email about his latest purchase:

It is a 1940's British Made kitchenette - just what I have been dreaming about for months!!!
He found it on the internet and it just happened to be in a vintage store near to where we live!!! I could squeal with excitement........ and have just the place for it.
It is being delivered on Friday evening so more photos then....

Kerry xxxx


  1. WOW! How lucky are you? A romantic hubby who surprises you AND vintage kitchenette/kitchen maid ;-) OOH ENJOY! x

  2. How exciting!..and what a lovely hubby.He knows just what you like.
    Look forward to seeing new kitchenette in situ.

    Bellaboo :0)

  3. A husband that listens to what you want - quick bottle him!!

    You lucky lady :)

  4. Oh Lucky you !! More photos friday Please luv Helen xx

  5. You can stop smiling now :}

    Look forward to seeing it
    cate x

  6. ooooooh LOVELY husband- he knows the way to your heart doesn't he!
    Mind you- ulterior motive...kitchenette...baking cakes...eating cakes?! ;)))

    Thanks for putting the link to my giveaway, much appreciated.

    We also come up to Kempton frequently, best bargains are always the early ones

  7. Lucky you! How thoughtful your husband is!! Bet you can't wait to have it in your homexx

  8. Words cannot express how jealous I am right now! You are one lucky lady.

    Victoria xxx

  9. What a thoughtful husband. We have a cream and green one minus the legs. They fell off when I dragged it from one room to another. Never got round to putting them back on. Hope you look after yours better.


  10. Wow, that is so lovely and let's not talk about your marvellous husband! I love Shelley Melody china too but I have only one piece, though it is a lovely two-tier cake stand. Look forward to seeing your kitchen cabinet in situ. I trust you are spending lots of time thinking what to arrange on it!
    Hen xxx

  11. Hi Kerry. Thank you so much for your feedback about the website. You made some very good points and tonight when all's quiet I'm going to redistribute the information onto relevant pages. I'm got to work within the template but I can certainly improve it. I've put you in my little give away to say Thank You! Lots of love, Amanda xxx