Monday, 7 June 2010

The feline members of my family

I first of all would like to say a HUGE thankyou for everyone that has commented on my posts so far and to the 22 followers that have joined me on my journey over the past 48 hours. To say I am overwhelmed by your response is an understatement!!!

I thought I would post piccies of my beautiful cats. They are both Selkirk Rex cats that usually have curly fur but one of mine is a variant so has straight fur.

They really are gorgeous and so so affectionate.
Karayaka - the curly feline!!!
Prada - the not so curly one!!

I hope you all agree that they are beautiful and although not vintage (they are both still kittens!!!) they do keep me company when I am working on my projects.

I am having an early night tonight. It has been the last day of the half term break for my children so have been busy keeping them entertained. I am also off to Kempton Antiques Fair in the morning so must remember to set my alarm!!!

Kerry xxxx


  1. Hi Thanks for your kind comment.
    We seem to like all the same things.
    I am about to start my blog shop soon, well fingers crossed more of a let's see if others like my treasure boxes :) its a bit scary but there are lot's of lovely people out there.
    Nice to meet you.

  2. What gorgeous kittens - so beautiful. Enjoy yourself tomorrow, I look forward to seeing the photos of your haul x

  3. I love your Puddie cats.
    I would really like a Russian Blue cat.
    Have a lovely day at the Fair tomorrow..x

  4. What beautiful pusscats! I hope you have a good day at the fair and find some treasures.

    Bellaboo :0)

  5. Hiya, lovely to read your posts, and look at the fab piccies.
    Love your style