Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Just to say a big sorry to all followers that have just commented on my last post (that has now been deleted) about the Giveaway.

I made things really confusing and this giveaway was not by me - mine is to come...........

It was by fellow blogger Vintage Junky - the link can now be found on my page.

Sorry for the confusion.

Kerry xxxx


  1. Whoops ... sorry! Did I start the confusion off by commenting...I get it wrong everytime! Thanks for your lovely comments you have THREE! entries in the draw. Many thanks for uploading my link to Swedish House! GOOD LUCK!
    Kram Julie x

  2. Hi- many thanks for showing the tedandbunny giveaway link- clever you to have done it!

  3. Hi Kerry! Thanks for popping over! I do love hearing from you...just not very good at replying always! Lots of love, Amanda xxx