Sunday, 20 June 2010

Lovely goodies and wonderful works of art

I have had a wonderful week filled with the most wonderful goodies, sports days and art exhibitions at school. I have felt a little poorly though over the past few days but I hope you all agree that the following have brightened my spirits a lot.

My first delivery of goodies included my first Giveaway win and was sent to me by the lovely Jo of Muddy Puddle Crafts. Her work is absolutely gorgeous and I have put it away for a very special occasion.
Within the same delivery was my gorgeous cushion and pin cushions made by the lovely Helen of Hen House. I was sooooo pleased with what I found wrapped up in the parcel. Your work Helen is absolutely divine and I cannot thank you enough for these beautiful creations.
My second delivery of the week included my lovely purchases from Wendy of Wendy House and my gorgeous selection of fabrics from Sal. 
The beautiful candles from Wendy have really brightened up my house and the little gorgeous extras that Wendy included are beautiful - Thank you.
All wrapped up ready for my surprise!!!!
And this is what they came in!!!! Thank you Wendy - I love it!!!!
My beautiful Cup Cake Candles!!! I cannot show my glass heart candle as I have kept it all wrapped up ready for a present - hopefully I can show you all this at a later date. Wendy also included some gorgeous little embroidered tray cloth's - I have put them in my dining room as they are too beautiful to be put away in my fabric cupboard.
My beautiful fabrics from Sal!!!!

Having thought that I had spent far to much already, I was mistaken as another (and final) delivery arrived - this time from the lovely Mary of Polka Dots and Posies. I absolutely love Mary's work and this parcel proved what I thought was absolutely right:
All so beautifully wrapped!!!
And all so beautifully made!!!

Thank you to all of you that have made and sent me such beautiful items to put in our home - my family and I will will treasure them forever!!!

My week came to a perfect end on Friday when I visited my eldest daughter's (who is 8) art exhibition at school. The work was beautiful and I must say I did have a little proud Mummy moment!!! Here are some examples of her own and her class work:
A beautiful patchwork made by all of the class. Molly's piece of patchwork is the blue one on the bottom - third one in on the right!!!
Molly's piece of Abstract work. I thought this was beautiful and would look perfect in an antique white frame above her bed at home.

I hope you have enjoyed my weeks surprises and fantastic moments and I will leave you with a beautiful photo of my four little poppets at Whitstable yesterday. We went to visit the lovely Acorn and Will Stall at Mainwaring's Brocante. My beautiful purchases there will follow in the week on another post.

Kerry xxxx


  1. Aww, look at those 4, I bet they keep you on your toes! Molly is quite the artist, the abstract is great. Maybe she'll be able to keep you in your old age.
    So glad you like the cushions, seeing the purple one again, I think I will have to try another! All your other goodies are fab too. I know Daniella of Acorn & Will from the Vintage & Handmade fair (and others) and often come back with some of her beautiful things. Sometimes you just have weeks when everything arrives but you'll be good next week, right...
    Hen x

  2. What a week you've had! Love all your goodies but it was your little one's artwork that impressed me most! She's got a real artistic streak and looking at the class patchwork piece it seems that they have a very good art teacher as well. He or she has given them very beautiful guidelines to work within! Thank you for all your kind comments,Kerry. I do love hearing from you. Sorry you haven't won one of my give aways yet but if you email me your address a little something may arrive over the next few weeks! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  3. what a lovely week you've had- all those gorgeous goodies!
    Hope next week is just as good

  4. What a fantastic week, I can see how everything must have lifted your spirits

  5. What beautiful treasures! Retail therapy is by far the best remedy!! The fabric from Sal looks gorgeous and Molly's abstract picture will look great framed. I recently used some of my childhood paintings in some uni work, so I'm glad my mum kept some pieces! And I'm sure Molly will too when she's all grown up! : )
    Tamzin X

  6. lovely kids and what a talented daughter you have ! Great artwork by her & the class, so glad to see art being given time in the current very tight curriculum. Thanks for the mention,glad you like the card XXX

  7. Wow you got some fab things there :-)

  8. Hi Sweetie,
    I'm sorry I haven't been in touch for a while I was in hospital for a wee op this week, this is my first day up so I'm just catching up.
    I'm sooooooo delighted you liked your goodies and I'm pleased you are enjoying your little extras just for being lovely-you!
    Thank you for mentioning me on your lovely blog. :)