Sunday, 6 June 2010

My lucky find

Thank you for all of your lovely comments that you made after I made my first post yesterday - it was really nice to hear from you all.

Today started really early this morning with a trip to our local car boot sale in Walton on Thames. After dropping the children and my husband at the refreshments stall - located at the entrance I went on a rare wander on my own!!!

After failing miserably to find anything that caught my eye (except for a Polly Pocket Rollercoaster!!!) I came across the most loveliest set of china I think I have found to date:

It is a Crown Ducal Breakfast set and is complete with no cracks, crazing or chips - and all this for £8!!!

It was a little grubby and I was a little undecided about my purchase but after a wash in warm soapy water I must admit I have completely fallen in love with it. I hope you all agree.


  1. What a beautiful set, very elegant. Great find especially at that price. I gave the boot sale a miss today and had an extra few hours in bed but now feel I have missed out.
    Ann x

  2. Beautiful...Lucky YOU!
    Well done for your lucky find and a bargain too!
    Julie x

  3. Well done there! I really need to get up earlier!!

    Sharon xx

  4. Me thinks your earl grey will taste delicious in that set!
    Well done.