Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A lovely day and some fantastic finds

Every other Tuesday always means an early start for me as I head on over to Kempton Park Antiques Fair.
The past few weeks has meant enjoying the early morning sun but alas this was not to be yesterday. The sky was grey and every now and again huge showers drenched all of the visitors and outdoor traders.
Luckily for me though it was not as busy as it would have been had the sun shone so I managed to have an incredibly amazing day of treasure hunting.
My first find of the day was at 6am and I am sure these would not have hung around much longer:

A gorgeous single eiderdown with my favourite - pink roses!!!

Another pretty pink single eiderdown - perfect for the little girlie girl in the family!!!
The only problem I have now though is deciding which of my existing eiderdowns have to be sold. I have far to many and no longer have the room for them. Mmmmmmmm - decisions decisions!!!
My next piece of vintage loveliness:

I couldn't believe it when I saw the price tag of this 1940's Sadler Teapot - £3!!!! I must have spent an age inspecting it for any cracks, mends or chips - but no, there were none. A perfect teapot to add to my china collection.
After this, I really though my luck was running out and it was time to hit the road. A cup of tea and a bacon sandwich soon saw me heading back though for any last minute finds - and here they are:

One of my favourite patterns of china!!! A Royal Albert Enchantment Trio. The kind lady even threw in some gorgeous cake forks.

Now this really has to be my treasure of the day - A 1950's Housewife Magazine. Look at the lovely photography and words such as 'frock' really bring back such childhood memories to me. This is one very special find and all the more so because at the date of publication, my own Grandma would have been exactly the same age as me!!!

I had seen this earlier on in the morning but had put it to the back of my mind as it cost more than I thought my budget would allow. After searching for every last scrap of money in my purse this really became an option!!!! It is from a 1960's London Route Master bus and would have been on a roll that was on the front of the bus. For the price it was I really had my doubts as to whether it was genuine or not. After kindly asking the lady if I could open the back of the frame up I was amazed to see that it was genuine and even had the bus station stamp on the back.

After this and not a single penny left in my purse I had to make a move as I was also due at the Pulse Exhibition at Earls Court by 11am to source some 'new vintage' for my evolving business.
I found some good suppliers and made contact with many lovely people (if you join me on my blog - Hello!!!!).
I met with Matthew for lunch in the City - which was lovely and then headed back home in time to collect the children from school........


  1. Wow - what a day! You found some lovely items - the pink eiderdown is beautiful, and I'm loving the teapot. What a successful visit! Wish we had a fair like that near here - mind you, probably best we don't - my purse would always be empty!! x

  2. Wow - what a haul. I remember sleeping under the most gorgeous eiderdowns when we stayed a my Grandmas when I was little - sadly they were got rid of several years ago - shame :(

    The magazine looks interesting - thats dates from exactly when my Mum was born.

  3. Lovely eiderdowns, what great finds!

  4. What fabulous finds, especially those eiderdowns.

    Victoria xx

  5. What great finds - you were very busy! I love the eiderdowns x

  6. You really did have a good day! The eiderdowns are fab.

  7. Love the eiderdowns...what wonderful finds! If you do have any DOUBLE eiderdowns you want to sell I would be very interested as I've been looking on ebay for ages with no luck.

    Bellaboo :0)

  8. I Love the eiderdowns as well, glad to say I have a couple which were left here when we moved in.
    I have been told to wash them in cold soapy water, spin and hang outside in the wind.
    Does anyone know if this is okay I'm scared of ruining them
    Cate x

  9. Oh how I love your eiderdown.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  10. Gorgeous Kempton goodies. I seriously think you should keep your eiderdowns and sell me those 2 gorgeous new ones!!!


  11. Oh my goodness those eiderdowns are gorgeous, especially the one with the pink roses.

    What beautiful treasures you found and the tea pot! xx

  12. How lovely your blog is, you have a very good eye.